AOU統合軍ギローイ重4度軍事研究所所属 第100空挺機兵実験分隊 グレイブモウル所属





From AOU Finland

A member of the 100th Aerial Augmented Infantry Experimental Squad "Grave Mole", of the AOU Combined Military Geroy Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center

She is currently serving time as a Class 1 Criminal (her crime is not public knowledge), but has been allowed to leave in exchange for volunteering as a research subject at the Geroy Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center.

Her grades at the Suomenlinna Aerial Augmented Infantry School before her arrest were incredible, and her records at that school still haven't been broken.

Large changes have been noticed in her personality and character since her imprisonment, and some sort of experiment at the research center is rumored to be the cause.


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